Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions arise when individuals or families consider therapy. Below are some common questions and responses:

“Do I really need therapy? Why can’t I just figure things out on my own?”

  • Starting therapy is a very personal decision, which often takes a lot of contemplation.  It can be significantly beneficial to an individual, couple, or family because it serves as a safe and confidential space to explore your inner thoughts and to problem-solve stressful situations. Individuals and families often gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors that may contribute to or exacerbate distress in their lives. The process is also useful because it encourages you to use the skills and insights you have learned through therapy to apply to situations both inside and outside of the therapy space.

“Are people (even my psychologist) going to think that I’m crazy?”

  • This common misperception may keep some from making that first decision to begin therapy. However, therapists, including me, are often exposed to a wide range of personal difficulties. My goal as your psychologist is to help you explore your thoughts and to assist you in potentially develop healthy behaviors in a nonjudgmental way.

“Who will know I’m in therapy?”

  • I strongly value your confidentiality and your autonomy when determining to whom any information about your therapy  is released. This decision is most often made by discussing the risks and benefits with me.  A release of information (found under Patient Forms) can be helpful when communication is required/requested between me and any other professionals or persons. Certain limits to releasing information do exist, which can be discussed in the initial session.

“Am I going to have to be in therapy forever?”

  • The length of therapy depends on a variety of factors, such as the reasons that brought you or your family to therapy, financial and time demands, and your investment in the treatment process. Some therapies are short-term, whereas other, more intensive therapy work can last much longer. It is important to explore your concerns when you begin therapy and at any point during the process to determine if it it is a good fit for you.

“How much is this going to cost me?”

  • I have a set fee for the initial 60-minute evaluation session (initial session) and for ongoing 50-minute therapy sessions.  Please note that I am not on insurance panels and am considered to be an out-of-network provider. However, I can provide you with a detailed itemized receipt of services to assist you in submitting for reimbursement from your insurance carrier upon request.

“What if I have to cancel my appointment?”

  • Orleans Psychology & Wellness, LLC’s  cancellation policy is to notify the office of your need to cancel 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment. I am aware that emergencies can and do occur.  Therefore, discussing such situations on an individual basis is requested should you experience an emergency and your appointment is in less than 24 hours.

Office Tel: (504) 581-3933


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